Steps to change your preferred name in the Student Information System (SIS)

The preferred name is the name that appears on an Instructor's class roster.

  1. Log into MyReynolds and click on SIS
  2. Once in SIS, click on Student Center
  3. Under "Personal Information" click Names
  4. Under "Name Type Preferred" click Edit
  5. Type your preferred name and click Save

The primary name listed In SIS is the name that is included on a student's official transcript. To change the primary name, a student must complete the Student Request to Update Information form with an accompanying copy of a passport, driver's license, or state issued ID to the Office of the Registrar.

What should I do if I feel threatened, harassed, bullied, stalked, or if I am attacked?

If you are injured or in danger, call 911 or College Police immediately. Once you are in a safe place, you can contact the Title IX Coordinator for additional support. College Police can assist you if an assault has taken place. If you wish to report an incident of sexual misconduct, the Title IX Coordinator can assist you with filing a report.

College Police: (804) 523-5219
Title IX Coordinator: (804) 523-5025

Are there any active LGBTQ student groups or organizations at Reynolds?

YES. Reynolds' Spectrum LGBTQ club is one of the most active student organizations. Go to the Student Clubs webpage for information about Reynolds' current student organizations or for information on starting a new student organization.

Additional resources for transgender students