Faculty/Staff Positive Engagement Recruitment Team 

The Reynolds Admissions team is seeking enthusiastic faculty/staff members who love to talk about Reynolds Community College. As a Positive Engagement Recruitment Team (PERT) member you will be part of a select group who will share everything Reynolds - from academics to student support and student life.  PERTs are expected to assist with recruiting diverse students that represent all academic, socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, and geographical backgrounds. The PERT's roles will include helping to promote the college during on/off-campus activities, community events and recruitment events.

Duties of a PERT: 

  • Positively promoting Reynolds while engaging with prospective students and guests.
  • Participate in special events on-and-off campus (including but not limited to open houses).
  • Engage with prospective students and their families in conversations (various platforms/community events).
  • Participate in recruitment training.

Adding a layer of authenticity, you will help Reynolds:

  • Build trust
  • Foster relationships
  • Provide access to additional community outreach opportunities.


There will be a comprehensive, mandatory training program to prepare our new PERTs. The Admissions recruitment team will lead the training. The training schedule and commitment responsibility will consist of:

  1. Introduction meeting with the Reynolds Admissions Team.
  2. Comprehensive online module training. 
  3. Online assessment of training. 
  4. Commitment of participating in at least 2 recruiting events per semester.

If you have any questions, or need further information, please contact the Reynolds Admissions Team directly at 804.523.5789 / recruitment@reynolds.edu.



Event Request for the Reynolds Admission Team

Reynolds Admission Team often attends events to educate the community and high school students about Reynolds, expand the Reynolds brand and to recruit students.

If you would like for the Reynolds Admissions team to attend a community event, please submit the below online form and an Admissions Team member will reach out to you. If you would like to contact the Reynolds Admissions Team directly, you can contact us at 804.523.5789 / recruitment@reynolds.edu.

Request an Event for the Reynolds Admissions Team

Provide a post-event report for the Reynolds Admissions team

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