Guiding Philosophy

What are the thoughts that inspire our approach writing?

At the Writing Studio, our mission is to provide service and feedback to all Reynolds students that will help them to become successful and confident writers.

We do this first and foremost by appreciating that every person who walks into our studio, whether physically or virtually, carries with them a unique set of experiences, ideas, and expectations. These shape both the student and also factor into their overall approach to writing.

We like to say, "We meet our students where they are." What this means to us is that we take the time to understand the entire student: who they are, what they need, and what anxieties they have about writing. We do this so that we can provide them the feedback that acknowledges their current writing strengths while simultaneously allowing them to continue developing their writing skills.

Why do we call ourselves writing studio and writing consultants?

We named ourselves the Writing Studio because we want a name that reflects not only what we do but also how we do it.

Whether a student writes constantly in their courses or if they are only be asked to write a handful of times while at Reynolds, every student has their own writing practice, although they may not recognize it as such. What the studio space affords our students is the chance to work on their writing in a place that is not a classroom and with people who are not going to grade their work or thoughts. Here, the studio shows them writing for what it truly is: a process.

To us, this process is equal parts practice and discovery. So our staff are writing consultants, not "writing tutors" or "writing mentors." We do not operate under the formality of tutoring model, nor do we consider ourselves as the possessors of some singular, perfect accumulation of writing knowledge. Rather, each consultant at the Writing Studio has their own extensive and personal history with writing. We are educators, writers, authors, and poets. We are curious, clever, and eager to help. And we ourselves are still working on our crafts!

When we work with students, we do not tell them what they must do or write. Instead, we speak to them through the lens of our own processes to offer suggestions on ways they can develop their writing. We offer them tips and tricks that have worked for us, things we have learned in our own writing journeys.

In this way, the writing studio becomes a space of creation. Our students can feel seen, appreciated, and understand what they next steps they need to take with their writing once they walk out the door. We offer support, collaboration, and understanding.

Why do the Writing Studio spaces at Parham Road and Downtown have private rooms?

We appreciate that for some people the act of writing can be an anxiety-producing event, so having a private space provides comfort. Conversely, for others writing might be a process that includes speaking ideas out loud as they write, either alone or with others present.

Because we want to ensure our physical studios are able to match the needs of our students, the Writing Studio's Parham Road and Downtown locations each feature private rooms where students can go to engage in whatever writing processes work for them!

Why do the Writing Studio spaces at Parham Road and Downtown each have a Mindfulness Room?

A crucial aspect of writing, regardless of the form it takes, is remaining mindful of how the different parts all come together to make the whole. We feel that what is true of writing is equally true of people.

Our Mindfulness Rooms provide a dedicated space for students to go to if they are looking for a quiet space to work or to be. Whether they use it to write or merely sit, we welcome all students to enter the Writing Studio to find a bit of peace in an otherwise hectic world.


If you are interested in learning more about what inspires us, check out our vision and values that guide how we work with students.