Below are some questions students commonly have about using the Writing Studio - and their answers!

What is the Writing Studio?

In a word, awesome! The Writing Studio is a space for Reynolds students to come and work on anything that deals with writing and/or the written word. And we have spaces and people at hand to match whatever your needs may be.

Need help writing an essay for an English course? No problem! Having difficulties with a Biology lab report? We can help! Can't figure out where to begin with a Psychology assignment? We can work with you to figure it out! Anxious about the PowerPoint you've made for the presentation you have to give? We can offer you practice and advice! Or, maybe you don't even know what you need but you just know that you do need a little bit of help. Well, come on in and talk with us!

Where is the Writing Studio located and when is it open?

We want to make sure that we are available to every Reynolds student. Because of this, the Writing Studio operates at Parham Roads campus, Downtown, as well as virtually on Zoom.

To find out more about where to find our physical studio space one each campus, how to access our Zoom room, and the hours of operation for each space, please click on the links below.

Downtown Location Parham Road Location Virtual Sessions (Zoom)

You can also find more information about us on our social media feeds:

How can I make an appointment to visit the Writing Studio?

We are now booking our appointments through Navigate.  Please visit our home page for instructions on how to make an appointment.

To meet with a writing consultant on Zoom, students must make an appointment in advance.  We encourage students to make appointments to visit our Studio spaces in person, but we still accept walk-in visitors. When it gets busy, we can ensure that students with appointments will meet with a consultant during their booked time. 

Can I come to a studio without an appointment?


We appreciate that scheduling doesn't work for everyone! Or sometimes you might just have a quick question that you'd like an answer to between classes.

Regardless, we welcome you to just pop in the studio when we're open. We are happy to help!

What do writing consultants do?

We work with all students on any type of writing at any stage of the writing process. Our studio format means that we have two different ways to work with you.

In other words, we work with you in whatever way is most helpful to you! When you come in and meet with one of our writing consultants, they will ask you to tell them about what you're seeking help with that day. You can feel comfortable to tell them about exactly what you need from us so that we can help you leave our studio feeling confident and ready to take on whatever assignment or task you may be working on!

Will a writing consultant edit and proofread my essay?

In the Writing Studio, we do not evaluate, we facilitate. What this means is that we don't offer to take your paper, read it, and return it to you with red ink markings before sending you out the door. Rather, we offer to work with you to edit and proof what you have written so that you can develop and hone the skills and confidence you need to be a successful writer!

To find out more about our studio's goals for helping you, you can read the Writing Studio Mission statement.

Can I bring in any writing assignment from any class?

Yes! We are excited to work with you on any writing assignment, no matter what class! We can even help out with non-assignment work (see more below).

We understand that writing a formal argumentative essay for your English course is vastly different than writing a lab report for Chemistry. Because of this, the suggestions and feedback we offer for each are different.

When you work with one of our staff, we take the course into consideration and offer you course-specific observations and feedback both to help you understand how writing works in that discipline as well as to better ensure your success!

What if I want to work on a writing assignment that isn't for a class I'm taking?

Yes! The Writing Studio understands that Reynolds students won't only have to write for their courses. We are happy to work with you on all writing tasks, regardless of whether or not!

Our writing consultants can work with you on your professional writing. These may include, but aren't limited to: résumés, CVs, cover letters, job/employment applications.

We can also work together if you as you draft professional aapplication materials. Examples of these include: personal statements, university application essays, scholarship application essays, statements of purpose.

What if I want to work on a writing assignment, but I'm not really sure I need or want to work with a writing consultant?

No worries! While the Writing Studio has a staff of amazingly talented and dedicated writing consultant, we don't require that you work with one of us to be able to use our space.

The Writing Studio is a collaborative community space where you should feel welcome to come and work on your assignments on your terms!

If you want to work on a writing assignment for a class and you aren't really sure if you need help, we have studio tables where you can work independently; you can pull up a chair and start writing. You can work at one of these tables and, if you find that you do have a question or would like help, you can grab the attention of one of our consultants.

If you would like a bit of privacy while you work (or if you would like to work collaboratively with another student from your class), we have private writing rooms with desks where you can close the door and work on what you need. If you want help, you can just pop your head out into the main studio space and ask your questions.

What if I don't have anything to work on but I want a space to go?

Even though we are called the Writing Studio, writing isn't a prerequisite for using our space. We are proud to have a Mindfulness Room at both our Parham Road and Downtown locations. This space has comfortable chairs and is kept silent.

Feel free to use this space to engage in silent writing if you wish. Or, if you just need a space to escape for a moment and re-center, you can close the door and do just that!

How should I prepare for a consultation session?

It's always best to be prepared, especially when it comes to writing!

To make the most of your time with our consultants, we've provided a list of a few things you can do before coming to your consultation. You can find these on the Preparing for your Consultation page of our website for details.

Can I use your computers to write my assignments?

Of course! At the Writing Studio's spaces at Parham Road and Downtown, we have have laptops students can use while they are with us!

If you would like to use one of these, just let a writing consultant know. You'll have to log on with your MyReynolds username and password. (Note: Our laptops must remain in the Writing Studio at all times. We do not allow students to take the laptops to work elsewhere on campus.)

What should I expect when I go to the Writing Studio?

Whenever you come to the Writing Studio and whichever of our studio spaces you visit (either in-person or virtual), you should always expect to work with people who are passionate about words and writing! Our staff is composed of highly experienced writers and educators who are dedicated to their craft.

When you work with us, we provide a collaborative environment for you to work on your assignments so that you can leave our studio feeling confident and knowing the next steps to take in the completion of your task.

While we adjust our consultation sessions to your specific needs, our general model for working with students is to start by getting to know you and what help/feedback you are looking for. During a consultation, we'll try to get you to a place where you feel comfortable working on the next task by yourself. Then, we will check in with you every so often to see how you are progressing and if you have any new questions. Of course, we are always present and ready to offer assistance as needed in between these moments!

Can I just drop off my paper and get it back when it's fixed?

The main goal of the Writing Studio is to improve your skills as a writer and not just to improve your ability to complete any single class assignment (although we do want you to be successful with these as well). Because of this, your active participation in the writing process itself is what makes a consultation successful!

We will work with you to help you gain the skills to edit your own paper, but we do not provide "drop off" services to read, mark up, and return student papers. Instead, we want to collaborate with you!

Will my professor know that I went to one of the studios?

Only if you tell them! We believe that you should be communicating directly with your professors about your writing tasks, so if you want them to know that you've come for help, you should tell them.

If your professor requires you to visit the writing studio as part of a course or for extra credit, you can request us to complete a form for you as proof of your visit. The Writing Studio offers Student Visit Verification Forms to students who visit our studio. You can present this form to your professor (either in person or by snapping a photo and messaging it to them) as evidence that you have come to the Writing Studio and worked with one of our consultants. (Note: Because we value your privacy, you will need to ask us to provide you with one of these forms.)

What if I have more questions?

We welcome your questions! Feel free to come to the Writing Studio to ask us these in person (and that way you can see how awesome we are!) or you can also email us at
We look forward to seeing you!