Culinary Arts Associate of Applied Science

The Kitchens at Reynolds is now open!

Commitment to Success

As a Reynolds student, you are special to us. The purpose of our program is to provide our students with opportunities to stimulate their talents and master skills that prepare them for lifelong career progression within the hospitality, foodservice and tourism industries.

Pledge to our Community

Our goal is to serve as the regional hub for all hospitality, culinary and tourism educational and workforce needs. We intend to be the primary source for instruction, consulting, training, continuing education, staffing and community enrichment.

Our vision is to continuously produce a trained hospitality and tourism workforce necessary to realize the region's goal in establishing the Richmond area as a travel, convention and tourism destination. Such a workforce not only serves our visitors, but also enriches our community by providing quality dining and memorable hospitality in our local restaurants, clubs and hotels. As such, we support the various regional economic development initiatives through our partnership with area businesses and public sector organizations.