Major Specific Advising
Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts, and Culinary Management Programs

Please follow these steps to prepare for entering your HRI major:

1. Read this page in its entirety and follow the guidelines that apply to you (in reference to what type of student you are deemed, based on the chart below).

2. Open and Read the Advising Checklist and the Enrolling with Permission Numbers document. Permission numbers are used to control course enrollment to prevent exceeding class capacities for laboratories, as well as academic courses, while ensuring students are prepared for the courses in which they intend to enroll.

3. Answer the nine (9) questions (below).

4. Review details for New Students vs. Returning Students (below in red).

5. You will then log-in to Navigate to schedule a one-on-one appointment with your specified advisor; as identified when you completed step 4 above.

Before you arrange your advising appointment: Be sure you have completed the following:

Students Seeking Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts or Culinary Management Degrees or Career Studies Certificates

Advising is used to advise you on a pathway to success throughout your time at Reynolds; while providing you the information you need to be prepared for course registration and program specific requirements and additional information you will need.

Your Majors college prefix is "HRI"; these programs and require ongoing advising by your faculty advisor every semester. By meeting with your faculty advisor, you will receive permission numbers, which will then enable you to register for HRI courses and your semester-to-semester courses will be laid out for you on a curricular sequence of scheduling.

Students are divided into two distinct groups for advising: New Students and Returning Students. See each for the definition to ensure you register for the correct Group Advising Session.

New Students

New Students Include: (not completed any labs at Reynolds)

  • First time students
  • Change of Major Students
  • Students with Previous College Degree
  • Transfer Students
  • Transient Students

Advisor (0-15 credits at Reynolds): Chef Darren Rounds -

You will remain a New student until you complete your first lab class within the HRI program at Reynolds.

New Students must sign up for your advising appointment in order to prepare for enrollment for the upcoming semester.

If you are a new student and do not attend your advising appointment, you will begin in curricular general education sources.

Permission numbers will not be issued until the first advising session for each student class (New vs. Returning) has commenced.

What to Bring to the Advising Session

  • First time students: placement test scores, your empl ID (student ID), student email address & log in information.
  • Change of major students: information for change of program form to be completed, your empl ID (student ID), student email address and log in information.
  • Students with a previous college degree: Unofficial Transcript (for classes you hope to use as Transfer credit), your Empl ID (student ID), student email address and log in information.
  • Transfer Students: Unofficial Transcript (for classes you hope to use as Transfer credit), your empl ID (student ID), student email address and log in information
College Back-Out

Lastly, please note that the only way to secure classes each semester is via timely enrollment and payment. If you have not, Reynolds will perform BACK OUT based on when you enrolled and your required Pay-by-Date. If you are backed-out, you will lose your seat, be susceptible to not getting back into the classes you want or need, and will need to obtain new permission numbers for every HRI prefix class that you were backed-out prior to re-registering. We do not prepare wait lists.

Review these links to see the layout schedule of your courses by term.

Culinary Arts Curriculum Sequence
Culinary Management Curriculum Sequence
Pastry Arts Curriculum Sequence
Hospitality Management Curriculum Teach Out Sequence

Have answers to these nine questions:

  1. Do you want to attend Part-time (less than 12 credits per semester) or Full-time (12 credits or more/semester)? Are you on your parents insurance?
  2. Are you using Financial Aid or other to pay for classes, books, uniforms, and took kits?
  3. Have you applied to the college? Have you received your Financial Aid information?
  4. What type of schedule do you wish to have? Days, Nights, or Combination?
  5. Are you working? Do you need to or plan to work or get a job? How many hours are you working? Do you have a flexible schedule to get the time off of work to regularly attend class?
  6. Have you taken your placement tests yet? If not, have you scheduled an appointment? Here is the link to the Campus Testing Center. It is highly recommended to take your Math and English placement tests on separate days and to study for them to prevent developmental course placement and delayed HRI entry.
  7. How much time do you have to study outside of class? Are you committed to studying and ensuring yourself a high quality education?

    It is has been researched for every credit hour you take per week, you should spend 3 hours studying and preparing for that class. So, if you are a full-time student, taking 13 credit hours, you should plan to be in class each week, plus time studying outside of class approximately 39 hours, plus travel time to and from class and campus.

    Do you have the time available to make such a commitment?
    If not, part-time is the better choice for you.

  8. Do you have regular access to a reliable computer and internet access? Do you feel comfortable working with computers?
  9. Have you created a list of any questions that have not been answered through your research or emails? Bring your list of questions to the advising session and make sure you get answers to them.


If there are any forms you need to fill out, i.e. Change of Major, Request a Transcript or others, you may find those documents through this link.

Returning Students

Returning students include (must have completed an HRI Lab Course)

  • Current Students and Returning Students
  • Advisor (16+ credits): Jesse Miller -

Returning students should make an appointment for subsequent enrollment semesters; however clearly outlined emails of your needs and/or intentions may be sufficient to provide you with course sequencing and the requisite permission numbers. To be considered a returning student you must have completed at least one of the Culinary or Pastry Labs. If you do not meet this criteria, you are considered a New student; reach out to Chef Rounds.

As a RETURNING Student, you may email your adviser for permission numbers, if you know the courses that you must take to continue on your specific curricular path. When doing so, please include your Empl ID number and classes you wish to enroll in the email, along with the section, if multiple are being offered. Course selection will be available to those students who attend an advising session first. In the instance that the course section you wish to enroll is enrolled to capacity, your adviser will provide permission numbers to the course that is still available for enrollment. If your course selections are fully closed you will be emailed by your adviser.

If you choose this option, your specific curricular path to graduation will not have been reviewed to ensure timely graduation and may cause delays.

Our program does not employ a wait list.


For students that place into DEVELOPMENTAL Courses, based on your Placement Test results, you do not need to make an appointment until you have completed all of the courses you placed into.

You may have been placed into some or all of the following, if they are listed here, they need to be completed (MTE 3 & ENF 3 courses may allow you to begin your specific HRI prefixed program if only those courses are still outstanding):

BSK 41 (requires retesting) ENF 1 ENF 2