EFFECTIVE DATE: 02/17/2009
REVISED DATE: 12/01/2022
  1. Purpose:

    To provide guidance on student activities, clubs, and organizations at the college.

  2. Definitions:

    Activity: any educational, social, or other function sponsored by the college with the specific purpose of engaging students.

    Short-term club: any student organization recognized by the Office of Student Life and the college with the intention of functioning for a one-time event and/or no more than one (1) academic year, and which may be academic, social, or service-oriented.

    Student activity fees: funds for student-related activities collected as part of tuition payment.

    Student activity funds: monies collected from student activity events or student clubs (e.g., ticket sales, bake sales, etc.).

    Student club/student organization: any group of students officially recognized by the Office of Student Life and the college with the intent to function for more than one (1) year, and which may be academic, social, or service-oriented.

  3. Policy:

    In an effort to support the mission of the college and promote the academic, career, and personal enrichment at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College (Reynolds), the college invites students to participate in student activities, and/or form clubs and organizations that meet the educational, social, or other interests of a diverse student population. Students who are interested in participating in student activities, clubs, and organizations must comply with the following provisions:

    1. Students must be registered at Reynolds for the term in which they are interested in participating in student clubs/organizations and activities at the college.

    2. Individuals who are not registered students at Reynolds may also participate in student activities at the college if resources permit. However, they are not eligible to participate in or form student clubs/organizations.

    3. Students interested in forming a new club or organization, or who are interested in participating in a recognized club or organization must be in good academic standing at the college. Good academic standing is defined as having a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or better; or no grade point average for new students or students who have taken courses on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) basis.

    4. All students interested in developing a new organization must submit an application to the Office of Student Life for review and approval. In order to be recognized by the college, organizations must submit:

      All recognized clubs, organizations, and interest groups must have a faculty or staff advisor. In the event that an advisor cannot be located, the Office of Student Life shall provide one until the club can locate an advisor. If after one (1) academic year an advisor is not located, the club or group may lose its recognition.

      The Office of Student Life shall respond within ten (10) business days to the request. No student organization may officially function without receiving a formal approval from the Office of Student Life.

    5. Recognized student organizations must be deemed eligible annually by the Office of Student Life before engaging in activities. Requirements for annual recognition include:

      • a completed roster of members and officers by the established deadline;
      • an orientation for all officers regarding the policies and procedures outlined by the Office of Student Life and the institution; and,
      • an updated constitution.
    6. Short-term clubs may be formed at the college and are entitled to the same rights and privileges as recognized student clubs and organizations. Interest groups are also subject to the same provisions as required of student organizations.

    7. Clubs and organizations shall submit a constitution at the same time as the new club proposal form. After one (1) semester of probation, the Office of Student Life may suspend the club until this requirement is met. Constitutions shall be reviewed by clubs annually.

    8. All clubs and groups may use college resources and facilities, subject to college policies and procedures. Budgeted student activity fees are available for educational activities that are religious, political, cultural, or social in nature.

    9. Student clubs and groups must demonstrate fiscal responsibility. Monies collected from student activity events or student clubs (student activity funds) must be deposited at the college's Business Office within twenty-four (24) hours of collection. Accounts shall be established for each club or organization and balances shall be reflected in a department ID designated for that student club. At no time should revenue be withheld to pay expenses. Reimbursement for expenses must follow college procedures. Student groups may use the student activity funds in accordance with the college's and the Commonwealth of Virginia's policies and procedures. Organizations that are inactive for more than one (1) year may lose access to student activity funds to the Office of Student Life.

    10. All planned activities of a student club or group must be reviewed by the advisor and approved by the Office of Student Life. Planned activities may include outside speakers, or other educational or social events. Clubs must submit an On-campus Reservation for approval by Student Life & Event Services.  Within ten (10) business days of receipt of the request for an activity, the Office of Student Life shall review planned activities and issue a decision. Activities may be denied as a result of any of the following:

      1. The activity is in, or requested for, a place that is already reserved for another event.
      2. The activity shall attract a crowd larger than the venue can safely contain.
      3. The activity shall substantially disrupt another event being held at a neighboring venue.
      4. The activity shall substantially disrupt college operations (including classes).
      5. The activity is a clear and present threat to public safety, according to the college's Department of Police.
      6. The activity shall occur during college examination periods.
      7. The activity is unlawful.

      In the event that an activity is not approved by the Office of Student Life, the club or group may appeal the decision through the appeal process outlined in section IV.D of this policy.

      In the event that a club or group wishes to protest or demonstrate as a form of expression, the club or group must comply with Reynolds Policy No.1-38, Expressive Activity.

    11. Clubs and groups are open to any registered student who may be interested in participation, and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, religion, age, disability, or any other protected status. However, a religious or political student club or group may determine that managing the organization's internal affairs, which includes selecting the organization's leaders and members, defining the organization's doctrines, and resolving the organization's disputes in alignment with the club or organization's religious or political mission, shall be limited to only persons committed to that mission. Clubs or organizations having internal difficulty should consult with their advisors and the Office of Student Life in order to resolve any discord related to student members' commitment to the club or organization's mission.

    12. The college shall not recognize private clubs and organizations or social fraternities and sororities.

    13. Any and all forms of student hazing as condition of membership is strictly prohibited and may be subject to legal action.

    14. Violation of college policies may subject the student club, short-term club, and/or individual students to review under Reynolds Policy No.1-35, Student Conduct, and/or loss of active status.

  4. Procedures:

    Procedures for Participation in Student Activities, Clubs, and Organizations, 1-18

  5. Other Information:

    Code of Virginia, Title 23.1, Chapter 4; § 23,1-400, Student Organizations

    Reynolds Policy No. 1-12, Student Appeal of Academic and/or Administrative Decisions

    Reynolds Policy No. 1-35, Student Conduct

    Reynolds Policy No. 1-38, Expressive Activity 
    Consultation Request for New Student Organization (wufoo.com)
    Funding Request for Student Organizations (wufoo.com)

    Post-Event/Meeting/Funding Report (wufoo.com)
    Registration for Student Clubs & Organizations (wufoo.com)  (for active groups)
    Student Club & Organization Handbook