Transcripts are evaluated based on the Program of Study you select when applying to Reynolds. If you need assistance with choosing or changing your Program/Plan of Study:

Students with less than 30 credit hours earned: contact Advising Services at or call 804-523-5359.

Students with 30+ credit hours earned: contact your Academic Advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions for Credit Transfers

How do I transfer credits from another VCCS School?

If you are transferring from another VCCS school, you do not need to submit an Official Transcript. Instead, please complete a Request for an Evaluation of a VCCS Transcript Form.

The Transcript Evaluation Office evaluates your Transcript from other VCCS schools and applies eligible course credits to your Reynolds transcript for placement and graduation purposes.

How do I transfer credits from other non-VCCS schools to Reynolds?

If you've earned credits at another institution that you would like to have transferred to Reynolds, you can contact that institution and request they send an official transcript to:

Registrar's Office
PO Box 85622
Richmond, VA 23285-5622

The transcript can also be delivered in person to the Registrar’s Office on the Parham Road Campus, Georgiadis Hall Room 207.  If delivering in person, the transcript needs to be in a sealed envelope from the school in order to be considered official.

If the institution you attended sends electronic transcripts, you can request they send your official electronic transcripts to Reynolds at

How long does it take to review transcripts for transfer credits?

Official transcripts received four weeks prior to the beginning of the desired semester or term will be evaluated and placed on the Student Information System prior to the final registration period. Transcripts received after that point will be evaluated as time permits and in date priority order. Students may appeal a decision regarding the transferability of a specific course(s). Students must complete the Transfer Evaluation Appeal Form to initiate the appeal process.

Please allow approximately two to four weeks from the time the Registrar’s Office receives your document for the review of your transfer credit. Please note, delays can be expected during certain times of the year (e.g. graduation, and the beginning of each semester).

What grade do I need in order for my course to transfer to Reynolds?

Students can transfer credits from another institution to Reynolds provided they meet the following criteria:

  • The student earned at least a "C" in the course they would like to transfer.
  • Also the credits for the class need to match, example if the class is 3 credits and our class requires 4 credits, then the course will not transfer.

Will all of my courses transfer to Reynolds?

Reynolds requires students to complete 25% of their program requirements at Reynolds.  For example, if the program requires 66 semester credits to graduate, the student will need to complete 15 semester credits at Reynolds. Students can view degree requirements by accessing their student center and viewing degree progress.

Does Reynolds accept credit for AP, CLEP, International Baccalaureate, or DANTES exams?

Yes, Reynolds accepts credit from AP, CLEP, IB, and DANTES.  To receive credit, official score(s) must be sent to the Registrar Office for processing.  Although these credits may appear on a student's transcript from high school or a previous college, we must receive the score(s) directly.

Does Reynolds accept credit from Military transcripts?

Yes, military students need to have an official transcript sent to the Registrar's Office from Joint Services.  Once the transcript is received, it will be reviewed for possible transfer credit.  Please allow two weeks for processing.

Does Reynolds accept credits from International Transcripts?

Reynolds accepts international transcript credit only after the student has an official transcript sent to the college that has been translated into English and evaluated for course-by-course credit by a private evaluation agency. The student has the responsibility to make contact with the evaluation agency, pay all necessary fees for the evaluation of the transcript, and ensure that the college receives the complete official transcript evaluation.  Students can use any of the evaluators listed on this website: NACES | Credentials Evaluations Provided by NACES Members.

Can I use transfer credits to fulfill my General Education requirements?

Transfer credit may fulfill certain General Education requirements.  

Can my transfer credit fulfill my program specific requirements?

Transfer credit may fulfill certain program specific requirements. Please consult your Reynolds advisor for more information, along with the course catalog for major/minor and residency requirements.

How many credits can I transfer to Reynolds?

Reynolds does not limit how many credits a student can transfer to Reynolds. Students must meet the following requirements, in addition to all other degree requirements, to be eligible for graduation from Reynolds:

  • Credit from other colleges may be considered toward satisfying program requirements, therefore only students admitted to a curricular program may receive advanced standing. Students should ensure that all relevant and official documents are forwarded to the Registrar's  Office for evaluation. Transcripts are considered official if they are in a sealed envelope and carry the seal of the institution.
  • Only courses that are equivalent and relevant to the curriculum in which the student is enrolled will be applied towards credit in the program. Additionally, credit will be awarded only for courses earning a grade of "C" or better of the equivalent.

Do courses that I transfer into Reynolds affect my GPA?

No, Reynolds does not transfer in grades for transfer courses. Each accepted course will be added to the transcript showing the grade "T" for transfer. 

If I have a question as to why a course did not transfer, what do I do?

Please complete the College Transcript Evaluation Appeal form and return it to the Registrar’s Office for processing.  Please allow up to two weeks for a response.  You should receive an email with the decision once it is made.

Will the courses I transferred to Reynolds show up on my Reynolds transcript?

Yes, all coursework transferred to Reynolds will be viewable on the "Transfer Credit Accepted by Institution" section of your Reynolds transcript and can be viewed in your student center.

Students can view their academic transcript at any time by going into their myReynolds, go to your Student Center and select unofficial transcript.

NOTE: Reynolds cannot provide or produce any copy of a transcript from another institution. If a student needs a copy of their transcript from another institution, they should contact that institution directly.