Reynolds Policies

Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Students

Federal and state guidelines require that institutions monitor students’ academic progress towards the completion of a degree or certificate. Students must make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) from both qualitative and quantitative measures. SAP is measured by cumulative GPA, completion rate and maximum time frame. In order to be in compliance with SAP, a student must meet all three criteria. Failure to make satisfactory academic progress results in the loss of financial aid eligibility.

Cumulative grade point average (GPA): A student must achieve a minimum grade point average which is listed below . Only non-remedial courses with grades of A, B, C, D, and F are included in this calculation. Transfer credits are not included in this calculation.

Relief, Refund, and Reinstatement

If an active-duty student is unable to continue enrollment, the student shall be eligible for a tuition refund under Reynolds Policy No. 1-2, Tuition Refunds. Students called to active military duty, whose service prevented them from completing their academic program, may be readmitted to such program.

Readmission shall be subject to Reynolds Policy No. 1-20, Effective Catalog Year. The following provisions govern reinstatement to the college upon release or return from services in the uniformed services. The student will be assured an opportunity to be reinstated to their program of study (if available) without having to reapply for admission if they return to the college after an accumulative absence of not more than five years, and they provide notice of intent to return to the college not later than three years after the completion of the period of service. Relevant exceptions to these timelines can be found in the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.