Academic & Planning

  • Academic Calendar
    This calendar gives all of the important dates for your classes each semester.
    Tip: Pay close attention to Drop and Withdrawal dates as they are different for every class session and can impact your financial aid.
  • Exam Schedule
    Find out when the exams for your classes are scheduled.
    Tip: Keep in mind that your final exams may not be offered at the same time that the class normally meets.
  • Library Services
    Access online databases and the library's catalog of materials here.
    Tip: The Library offers workshops on using research databases, citing your sources, and several other topics.
  • Study Guides & Strategies
    This site offers a number of resources and tips for studying, time management, taking tests, conducting research, and a lot of other useful topics.
  • Creating a To Do List/Calendar
    Tip: Keep in mind all of your obligations when scheduling your classes (i.e. work, family, etc.). For every credit you take, plan on an hour a week in class and another 2-3 hours of reading and homework. 12 credits is considered full-time since its 12 hours a week in class + another 24-36 of homework. That's the equivalent of a full-time job!
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
    Tip: Your grades, dropping, or withdrawing from classes can affect your GPA and your financial aid!

Tutoring & Student Support

  • Tutoring Services
    Receive free tutoring from trained peer tutors to strengthen your understanding of course content and develop academic skills that will contribute to continued success.
    Use Navigate Student, located in MyReynolds, to schedule your appointment.
  • How To Study
    This site offers a variety of study tips along with a section on "How to Write and Study by Course."
  • Brainfuse
    Receive online tutoring 24/7 from Brainfuse, an online tutoring service that covers all major subjects.
    Access Brainfuse through the MyReynolds Portal and within your courses in Canvas. Brainfuse usage is capped at 10 hours per semester.
  • Office of Student Accommodations (OSA)
    They offer services and support for students with physical, learning, or psychological disabilities.
  • Student Life
    They offer a number of fun activities for Reynolds students including clubs, game centers, trips, and intramural sports.
    Tip: There are several clubs and workshops offered that may help you with balancing life outside of school with your course load.
  • VARK
    Find out what your learning style preference is here. This site even offers suggestions on how to use your learning style to help you learn.
    Tip: Using your learning style when studying can help you learn more effectively and quicker.


  • Financial Aid
    Tip: Check your Financial Aid status before registration opens.
  • Virginia Credit Union Resources
    This site offers resources and suggestions on how to better manage your money now and in the future.
    Tip: As a student at Reynolds, you're eligible to open an account with them.
  • Wells Fargo Financial Education
    This site offers resources and suggestions on how to better manage your money now and in the future.