Virginia Community College students are required to take this one hour course within their first 15 hours. Students can complete this requirement by taking SDV 100 or SDV 101. These courses are for credit, and therefore can help your GPA and financial aid standing. SDV courses include the following:

SDV 100
“College Success Skills”
1 credit hour  
This course focuses upon college resources, financial literacy, academic advising, confirming your major, study skills and making a successful transition to college.

SDV 100
“College Success Skills and Career Development
2 credit hours 
This course focuses upon the subjects listed above, but includes a strong component of career development and career exploration for students who are undecided concerning their career path.
Several of our SDV 100 courses are taught as Learning Communities. Students are in the same group for two courses. An example is ENF 1 and SDV 100. These can be very helpful for students, so check out courses listed as CD, CP, or CG.

SDV 101
Introduction to a Discipline (Major)
1 or 2 credit hour (s)
A variety of these courses are taught throughout the year which contain the same objectives as SDV 100. The difference is that these courses contain content drawn from the discipline (Science and Technology or Culinary for example).

 “Waiving” SDV

The Virginia Community College System waives SDV  only when a student presents an official transcript showing the student has received an Associates, Bachelors, or Master’s degree from an accredited college. There are no exceptions, but in some cases there may be an alternative which is Credit by ABLE.

SDV Credit By ABLE (Assessment by LOCAL EXAMINATION)

Students who have not previously received a failing grade in SDV and who have achieved 30+ credit hours with a 2.0 GPA may request Credit by ABLE. Students with an “F” in SDV are not eligible for ABLE.  

ABLE is:

  • Not Instructor led, but student driven
  • Suitable for a graduation requirement at Reynolds (but is not transferable)
  • To be completed in one semester
  • Available in the Fall and Spring (not summer)

ABLE includes questions concerning career, money management, study skills, advising, college resources and other issues. A minimum score of 75 is required for credit. If you wish to take the ABLE exam, you should drop SDV 100 prior to the last day to drop.

How to apply for ABLE:
Students wishing to complete the ABLE exam should contact the Academic Suspension Advisor.