Guidelines for Providing Testing Accommodations 

Many students find using the Office of Student Accommodations or the Testing Center to be very beneficial when taking a test that requires extended time and/or a quiet (distraction free) place.   

It is the intent of the OSA to encourage the student to become a responsible self-advocate, able to manage their time and schedule effectively with consideration to their faculty and staff members they will be working with. 

It is the Students responsibility to: 

  1. Provide the instructor with a Faculty Notification, specifying testing accommodations to be used (in advance of the test date).
  2. Ask the instructor for assistance in coordinating the accommodation [e.g. will the Test be delivered to the Testing Center or to Office of Student Accommodations (OSA) in advance? Emailed?]   
  3. All students using the Testing Centers to complete their test will use the walk-in process in place on the DTC and PRC, providing the student has completed step2.   
  4. If students are using the OSA for testing, they will need to schedule an appointment 3-5 (or more) days in advance of the test date. If specialized software is part of the accommodation that must be specified in advance. Students can request an appointment via phone, in person or via email
  5. Students are expected to provide their own Scantron sheets (available in the Bookstore).  It is not the OSA’s responsibility to provide these materials.  
  6. For Midterms and Final Exams, students should schedule their appointments with OSA 8 days or more in advance of the Exam to ensure a quiet room is available.
  7. Students may not change their Testing appointment at will. Prior notice is required (even for illness) and permission from the faculty member in writing or via email must be obtained before the student may reschedule any test. In the event of an emergency or sudden illness~ Contact your INSTRUCTOR first and then notify the OSA.
  8. Failure to arrive ready to start a test may reduce the amount of time provided to the student as others require access to the testing facilities and have scheduled for a specific time frame. 
  9. Students must bring materials needed for their tests to include: scantron sheets, calculators, rulers, pencils, etc.