Our brand is more than our logo, colors, or name. Our brand is the total experience that individuals have with Reynolds. It’s who we are, what we do and say, and represents the core principles we stand for.

Brand Voice & Tone

The future of Reynolds belongs to everyone, and our voice and tone should echo this sentiment of acceptance, respect, and empathy.

  • Authentic and realistic
  • Goal-oriented, yet connected
  • Professional, yet not highbrow
  • Fun, yet purposeful
  • Forward-thinking, yet grounded

Key Messages

Our words should always be mindful of inclusivity and diversity as we promote the accomplishments of our outstanding faculty, caring staff, robust campus life, business community partnerships, and successful alumni.

  • Reynolds promotes a sense of belonging that empowers learning and spurs change and innovation.
  • Reynolds embraces new ways of engaging all people.
  • Reynolds fosters a culture of compassion where everyone can live authentic lives and do their best work.
  • Reynolds invests in our people, relentlessly.
  • Reynolds strives to create experiences based on our students’ intentions and offers guidance and encouragement at every step.
  • Reynolds builds programs attuned to student destinations and provides options for all stages of life.
  • Reynolds faculty, staff, and students act with a sense of academic community and identity.

How you can implement the Reynolds Brand

Use the brand tools! Be mindful of what you write, say, or wear with the Reynolds name—and how it will come across to others.

  • Answer your phone with the “Reynolds Community College” greeting.
  • Review your emails carefully before sending to ensure the new naming convention is accurately written.
  • Share the Reynolds website with friends and students.
  • Contact the Office of Marketing to order merchandise featuring the current logo and to update print collateral, after your current supply is depleted.
  • Use the tagline in your classroom presentations such as PowerPoint or Prezi.
  • Create an e-signature aligned with the Reynolds brand. Copy the e-signature image to your Outlook signature. See “Samples” for more ideas.